Can I transplant my 2 year old Kathleen Tibouchina?

Can I transplant a Kathleen Tibouchina. Its about 2 years old


12 April 2011 05:03 AM

Dear Margaret,

You can certainly transplant at this time of the year now that it is Autumn. If your Tibouchina has finished flowering you can transplant. Depending upon how tall your Tichouchina is, you may have to prune slightly to make it more manageable to move. Have the area where you are going to re-located the plant to well prepared. To protect your plant from transplant shock, a product call Yates Waterwise DroughtShield can be sprayed onto the leaves prior to transplanting. Water the plant well and spray the Yates Waterwise DroughtShield several hours before transplanting. Dig down around the drip line of the plant and loosen the soil, taking care not to damage the exposed roots. Take as big a rootball as is possible and place the plant onto a fibre/plastic sheeting so it can be carefully carried to its new location. Place the plant carefully into the prepared hole, adding a stake if necessary. Backfill with soil and firm in around the rootball. Water in with a seaweed solution. Keep a careful eye on your plant and look forward to seeing it settling in in its new home in your garden.

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