Yates Liquid Weed 'n' Feed

Yates Liquid Weed 'n' Feed

Selective control of most broadleaf weeds in home garden lawns with added fertiliser for healthy green lawn growth.


Selective control of most broadleaf weeds in home garden lawns with added fertiliser for healthy green lawn growth.


  • Easy to apply, hose-on.
  • Selectively kills the most common broadleaf weeds in lawns, including bindii, clover, dandelions and thistles.
  • Contains nitrogen and iron to promote a lush deep green lawn, phosphorus to promote strong root development and potassium for disease resistance.

How It Works

MCPA and Dicamba are plant hormones which are absorbed by foliage and translocated to roots. The weed is forced into excessive disordered growth which leads to gradual curling and yellowing and then death of the weed within 4 weeks.


Dicamba, MCPA, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, wetting agent

(NPK analysis: 12 : 0.7 : 3.2) + Chelated Iron


Poor results may be due to: Applying when weeds are not actively growing, e.g. winter. Watering or rainfall within 12 hours after application. Applying over a larger area than recommended. Certain persistent weeds may require a second application. Mowing immediately before or after application.

Please note

If you have Buffalo grass Yates BuffaloPro Weed’n’Feed is the best option for your lawn

How to use

Directions for use

Follow label directions. Apply when weeds are actively growing and rain is not expected. Apply 2 litres over 130 square metres. Apply 2.4 litres over 150 square metre. Apply 4 litres over 260 square metres. Alternatively 300ml may be diluted to 9 litres of water and applied over 20 square metres using a watering can and sprinkle bar (Dilutes 1 in 30 out of sprayer).



Do not use on buffalo lawns or lawns less than 3 months old. Do not use on lippia, dichondra, strawberry clover. Do not allow spray to drift onto garden plants or other plants you do not want killed. Do not mow or fertilise 7 days before or after application. Do not apply to lawns suffering stress. Do not feed treated clippings to poultry, livestock or use as mulch.


Available sizes

  • 2L
  • 2.4L
  • 4L


Material Safety Data Sheet

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