Watering Cans & Sprayers

Yates Sprinkle Bar

Attaches to a watering can for even and economical application of weedkillers and soluble fertilisers. It is designed to fit most watering cans, however is ideally suited to the 8 litre Yates Watering Can.


Tough plastic for years of reliable use. Comes apart for easy cleaning and can be adjusted to control width of application area.

How It Works

A t-shaped bar with one row of small holes (either 20cm or 40cm wide)whichs slows the flow of liquid compared to the normal round rose attachment on a watering can. Makes it possible to evenly cover a large area with pesticide or fertiliser without the liquid flowing too heavily and quickly. You can then apply liquids in an even strip. A must for applying weedkiller to lawns.

Rating: 5.0

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Rated by jlbmcduff from Hammondville, NSW