An effective formula containing coir peat (coconut fibre) and wetting agent. Improves water penetration. Gets water direct to the root zone.  Prevents water run-off. Helps hold water at the root zone longer.



  • For use on garden beds, lawns and potted plants
  • Improves water penetration of hard-to-wet- soils
  • Waterwise Technology provides the answer to all of your drought-proofing needs to get water to the plant's roots, protect plants from water loss & reduce water usage

Directions for use:

Garden beds & lawns:

75g (approx 1 handful) per 2sqm for sandy soils

75g (approx 1 handful) per 3sqm for loamy soils.

Water in well after application

Containers, pots & hanging baskets:

Lightly break up the surface of the potting mix and apply at the following rates:

200mm/8 inch pot - 1 level teaspoon

300mm/12 inch pot - 3 level teaspoons

400mm/16 inch pot - 4 level teaspoons.

Water in well after application

For lawns:

Water in well to wash off foliage For best results, apply in the cool of the day. Do not apply to dry soil.  Reapply as required. 





NPK 4:1.5:7.5

Coir peat, wetting agent

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