• Easy to use On/Off switch (4L)
  • Suitable for buffalo & other common lawn types
  • Selectively controls bindii, clover and other broadleaf weeds
  • Ready to use – no mixing required
  • 2 litre treats 100m², 4 litre treats 200m²

A ready to use, convenient hose-on weed killer that is suitable to use on buffalo lawn with no mixing and no fuss.




  • 6g/L Bromoxynil

  • 6g/L MCPA

How to use

Directions for use

Suitable for use on buffalo lawns. DO NOT lift bottle by sprayer, always use handle. DO NOT apply under windy conditions or if rain is expected within 24 hours. DO NOT apply to lawns suffering from moisture stress. DO NOT apply if shade temperatures are expected to exceed 30ºC within a 72 hour period. DO NOT mow or fertilise for 7 days before or after application and avoid watering for 24 hours after application.

Can be used on the following: Established buffalo, couch (including Qld blue couch), kikuyu, bent, fescue, paspalum and ryegrass lawns.

Weeds Controlled: Bindii, capeweed, catsear, clovers, creeping buttercup, creeping oxalis, cudweed, dandelion, lamb’s tongue (plantain), thistles, fleabane.

Application Rate: Apply the contents of bottle over 100 square metres.

How to apply

Measure lawn area before application. Apply when weeds are growing actively. Weeds will die slowly; effects may take up to 3 weeks to appear. Repeat applications may be necessary to control advanced weeds or certain types of clover. To avoid damaging wanted garden plants and plants growing in lawns due to spray drift, 400mL from this bottle may also be diluted into 9 litres of water and applied over 20 square metres using a watering can and a sprinkle bar.

How to prepare

  • Shake well before connecting hose to hose-on applicator.  You will need to have a click-on hose connector.  Lift plastic flap at front of applicator. 
  • Turn on the tap using moderate to high water pressure. 
  • Water mixes automatically with concentrate in the proper ration. 
  • Walk and spray lawn at a steady pace whilst sweeping the spray in a back and forth arc. Overlap treated areas slightly. 
  • Keep bottle upright; do not point at the ground. 
  • Use caution when applying near garden beds and shrubs. 
  • Close plastic flap to prevent spillage of any unused product before storing.  Always store product upright.



  • DO NOT use on Lippia, Dichondra, Durban grass, Strawberry clover or ST variety buffalo lawns and new lawns less than 3 months old
  • Before application onto new varieties of Buffalo grass, test on a small area first
  • DO NOT apply to lawn if soil is dry, conditions are very hot (greater than 30°C) or if lawn is suffering any other sort of stress (e.g. fertiliser burn)
  • DO NOT apply if rain is expected within 24hrs
  • DO NOT spray on windy days, avoid spray drift onto wanted plants
  • DO NOT apply to foliage or near roots of trees, shrubs or plants
  • DO NOT allow children and pets to enter treated areas until spray has dried
  • DO NOT feed treated grass clippings to poultry, livestock, or use to mulch plants.
  • DO NOT allow chemical containers or spray to get into drains, sewers, streams or ponds
  • DO NOT use this container for any other purpose.

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