Musgraveia sulciventris

What are Bronze Orange Bugs

The young matrix or nymphs of bronze orange bug are initially green, gradually darkening as they get older. 

When mature, the bronze orange bug is orange-brown or black and approximately 25mm long. 

The bronze orange bug mainly attacks citrus trees. Young bronze orange bugs are hard to spot as their colour closely matches the colour of the leaves of citrus trees. 

Mature bugs are clearly visible feeding on young shoots, fruit and flowers. Yates Rose Gun.

WARNING: When disturbed the bugs orientate themselves so they can squirt an evil smelling chemical in their attackers direction. This chemical not only smells awful, it stains the skin and can cause a burning sensation if squirted in the eye. 



The bugs suck the sap from young shoots, fruit and flowers in summer. This causes wilting of young shoots and flower stalks which generally turn black and shrivel. 


Plants impacted

  •  Citrus Trees

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