Think you have a black thumb? Well, we’ve got the perfect plants for you! Air plant or Tillandsia spp. They literally live off the air and can be grown indoors, hanging from tree branches or balancing decoratively on intriguing objects or garden ornaments. You can also keep them on your desk at work or on a dish on your coffee table – tres chic!

How to grow air plants in terracotta pipes

Air plants can be hung from trees or any supporting structure, such as terracotta pipes or an old tree stump. For indoor use, you can string or place them on ornaments.

If you wish to use a terracotta pipe or wooden pole to create an indoor plant art, read on.

  1. Choose a glazed or unglazed terracotta pipe, wooden pole or tree branch.
  2. Using a hot glue gun, add a small amount of glue to the base of a plant and glue onto the structure. Repeat for all plants. If you don’t have a glue gun, you can also use an old stocking or rubber band to secure the plants to structures. 
  3. Position in a well-lit spot, out of direct sunlight and thoroughly mist the foliage to water. Mist spray at least once a week depending on location. 

Growing tips

  • Air plants generally prefer outdoor or breezy environments, but will grow well indoors provided they’re in a well-lit spot.
  • During hot and drier periods, mist a couple of times a week to help keep them happy. During winter, they will survive well without much watering.
  • Misting them once a month is usually enough.
  • They're generally not affected by pests or diseases.
  • Air plants can be fed once a month with Yates Thrive Orchid Liquid Plant Food which can be mixed into the soaking or misting water.

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