Love Your Lawn This April


Feed your lawns

In warm areas, feed lawns to take advantage of the optimum growing conditions before the winter temperatures slow growth. Keep your lawn greener for longer over the winter months with an application of Yates Lawn Master Slow Release Lawn Food, which continues feeding the lawn for up to twelve weeks.

In cooler areas, use fast acting Yates Lawn Master Rapid Greening Lawn Food, which contains nitrogen and iron to encourage healthy green growth and give lawn a rich, lush green colour. It’s an easy to use, concentrated hose on formula and covers 75 square metres of lawn – ideal for waking up those cool seasons grasses.

Patchy or thin lawns?

April is a good time to fix bare patches as well as worn or thinning lawns. There’s still good warmth in the soil and plenty of autumn sunshine to encourage lawn seeds to germinate and grow. To fix lawn bare spots, use Yates Easy Patch Lawn Repair – it’s a four in one repair kit, containing lawn seed, soil wetter, coir peat and fertiliser. Simply shake it on, keep it moist and you’ll see the lawn seeds germinate quickly.

Oversow thinning lawns with Yates Smart All Seasons Lawn Seed. This hardy blend mostly contains winter active varieties, which survive both sunny and shaded conditions making it ideal to use with kikuyu or buffalo lawns.

Remember the soil!

Soil under lawns can become water repellent after a hot summer. To ensure water penetrates evenly and deeply into the soil, apply Yates Waterwise Hose on Soil Wetter, which is a combination of fast acting wetting agents, soil conditioners, trace elements and seaweed. This helps to break down the waxy, water repellent soil layer and move moisture down into the root zone where it’s needed.


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