A new David Austin rose, Desdemona, has peachy-pink buds that open to reveal beautiful pure white chalice shaped flowers that have an attractive hint of pink in the early stages. Desdemona will produce these myrrh scented blooms over a long period, with flowers maintaining their shape during wet weather. This rose grows to around 1.2m tall and 1m wide, forming a compact and healthy bush, and can be grown as a rose border or combines beautifully with perennials or other roses in a mixed garden. 

Desdemona information and images courtesy of Leigh Siebler.


Adorable, Golden Beauty, It's Magic & Quick Silver From world renowned breeder Kordes Roses

Adorable is well named!”, says Gary Matuschka from Treloar Roses, which was awarded the ‘Most Fragrant Rose’ award at the 2019 National rose Trial Garden Awards. It’s a floribunda rose with magnificent, fully double pink mauve blooms that have a rich and complex fragrance that combines apple, geranium and soft rose. Part of the ‘Parfuma’ collection, Adorable grows into a healthy, upright bush reaching 80cm high and 50cm wide.
Golden Beauty received a Gold Medal at the National Rose Trial Garden in Adelaide and also won the People’s Choice award in 2018. It’s a prolific bloomer that is covered in large clusters of glowing amber, high centred blooms.Growing to around 1.5m tall, Golden Beauty is great performer in hot dry climates with blooms that don’t fade.
It’s Magic is an award winning floribunda rose with stunning red and white striped petals with a hint of yellow in the centre of the flower. Growing to around 90cm tall, it has light green leaves and creates an impressive floral display.
Quick Silver is a climbing rose with highly sought after rich mauve blooms. The large flowers are produced in clusters and have a moderate sweet rose fragrance. Well suited to Australian growing conditions, Quick Silver spreads to around 2.5m with deep green healthy foliage.

Adorable, Golden Beauty, It’s Magic and Quick Silver information courtesy of Treloar Roses. Adorable, Golden Beauty, It’s Magic and Quick Silver rose images (C) Gary Matuschka, used under license.

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