Keeping kangaroo paws tidy

Kangaroo paws are a striking addition to a garden and work well in both an exclusively native garden and also combined with exotic plants. Kangaroo paws are available in compact and large varieties with flower stems ranging from 80 cm to 2m tall in colours from lilac and very pretty pinks to rich reds and bright orange and lime green and bi colours. The flowers attract nectar feeding birds and can also be cut for a vase.

To help keep kangaroo paws looking tidy, once flowering has finished trim back all kangaroo paw foliage and flower stems to ground level. It might sound drastic but it will mean a flush of new green foliage, which will keep the kangaroo paws looking fresh and healthy.

After pruning, gently mix some Yates Dynamic Lifter Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser into the soil around each plant.

The organic, slow release nutrients in Dynamic Lifter are ideal for native plants and will gently feed the new growth and enrich the soil at the same time.

After pruning you can also lift and divide crowded clumps of kangaroo paws during March and spread the kangaroo paw joy around the garden!

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