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What should I do with standard rose plants now? This year they do not look very good at this time.

Submitted: 11:50AM, 23 May 2012
Answer: Hi Penny,

It is a little early to prune your roses at this stage. You can certainly tidy up the stems and remove any dieback that is present. If there is any black spot on the leaves, remove them also. Gather up any diseased leaves that may have fallen onto the ground below. It is amazing how much better they will look once this has been done.

Come July, give your standard roses a good prune. Then apply a solution of Lime Sulfur to the bare stems and the soil below which will prevent the entry of fungus into your plants.

When new growth starts to appear in early spring, fertilise with Dynamic Lifter for Roses. This product can be applied every 8-10 weeks from this time through to mid autumn. This product is a well balanced fertiliser that will promote good strong growth and plenty of flowering.

Answered: 02:03PM, 23 May 2012


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