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02:41PM, 20 Oct 2009
Answer: Spray the foliage regularly with Triforine, Ros...
Category: Roses
02:41PM, 20 Oct 2009
My precious 20 year old roses were butchered today!

I needed to move five roses from one property to another, and carefully pruned them ready to move. (have been growing roses for 60 years) A friend came insisting he help dig them up and has absolutely butchered them! I'm heartbroken. He chopped them roughly to about 6" from the ground and dug them up chopping the roots, trunk etc. with a garden fork. There are great chunks out, wounds. What can I do with them? One of them is a special one that can never be replaced too. He kept telling me about some bloke who had prizewinning roses pruned with a chainsaw. :-(

Submitted: 06:01PM, 11 Jul 2015
Answer: Our condolences – I’m sure you are heartbroken!
Perhaps if you trim the roots of the roses so that they are not so ragged and soak them in some seaweed extract for a few hours before replanting, they will bounce back. Apply seaweed extract every fortnight to help their recovery.
Hopefully, your friend has not removed the graft.
Category: Roses
Answered: 04:49PM, 13 Jul 2015


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