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Replanting azalea bushes

Unfortunately we have 3 azalea bushes 17 years old that require to be moved immediately. They currently spill over a retaining wall that is being replaced. Should we trim the roots a little before replanting or replant the root mass as is? We live in Canberra and it is very cold at the present time. Appreciate your advice. Thanks Pat

Submitted: 02:03PM, 07 Jun 2012
Answer: Hi Patricia,

You can move your azaleas at this time of the year. You might like to use a Yates product called Droughtshield. This product will protect your plants from transplant shock. Spray the product onto the foliage several hours before transplanting.

You will need to take care when removing them from their existing spots and transplanting to their new location. Carefully dig down around the plants and remove as much of the rootball as possible with a shovel. Once you have removed the plant, prune any the roots that may have been damaged in your attempt to remove the plant. Have a large sheet of plastic ready so you can move the plant to its new location. Place in position and back fill around the rootball. Water in with a solution of seaweed solution. Keep soil moist and apply the seaweed solution on a monthly basis to help stimulate new roots on the plants.

Good luck. I am sure your plants will settle in well. Apply a fertiliser in spring once you see new growth appearing.

Answered: 01:43PM, 08 Jun 2012


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