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I have two fronds on my staghorn that have spores on them. How do I start from scratch with them. Thanks Brenda

My staghorn is huge and I have just discovered the spores on two of the fronds. They are on the underside of course and I would like to start two more staghorns from them.

Submitted: 04:27PM, 22 Feb 2010
Answer: Hi there, growing staghorns from spores takes a little bit of patience. You need to take of the leaves that have the spores,place them out in a paper bag,wait to they shake off into the bag and then shake them over a tray of wet peat and place a piece of glass over the top to keep it moist. the staghorns will look like moss for about a year and develope from there.For further information go to the
Australian ferns & fern allies website.
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Answered: 01:12PM, 26 Feb 2010


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