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11:19PM, 14 May 2012
Answer: Hi Alex, From what I have read, I think the pla...
Category: Diseases
11:19PM, 14 May 2012
hello i have a gardenia plant that has sooty mold on it how do i get rid of it

Submitted: 07:57PM, 29 Sep 2012
Answer: Gardenias are often attacked by sap sucking insects like scale and aphids which produce honeydew and attract the fungus, sooty mould.
By controlling the pests with a systemic insectide such as Yates Natures Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray, there is an absence of honeydew hence the sooty mould will disappear.
Category: Pests
Tags: sooty mould
Answered: 11:35AM, 03 Oct 2012


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