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10:34AM, 31 Dec 2009
Answer: Dear Georgina, Confidor Garden Insecticide is r...
Category: Pests
10:34AM, 31 Dec 2009
Will Confidor tablets kill existing scale on indoor palm or should I spray as well?

Submitted: 11:42AM, 14 Jul 2012
Answer: Hi Beverly,

Thank you for your email regarding Confidor tablets and controlling scale and mealybug on indoor palms.

Confidor is effective but will take a few weeks to take effect particularly in the cooler weather. If the infestation is severe I suggest you apply some Pest Oil at the same time as applying the Confidor tablets. If the plants are taller than 1 metre than more than 1 tablet is required. Water well after application.

Category: Pests
Tags: confidor
Answered: 11:28AM, 16 Jul 2012


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