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My Apples are infested with caterpillars.

My old Dipel mentions coddling moth. My new Dipel only mentions Light Brown Apple Moth. What shall I do? (I don't like non-spedcific poisons).

Submitted: 04:20PM, 09 Jan 2012
Answer: Hi Derek,

How disappointing that your apples are infested with caterpillars.

Dipel is not registered for the control of codling moth.

If you wish to use natural controls, it would be best to remove and destroy any infested fruit from the ground and on the tree. You could put some hessian banding around the base of the tree because once the larvae of this moth leaves the fruit where it has been feeding, it will make its way down to the base of the tree and look for shelter where it can pupate. There are also pheromone traps that are available to trap the moth.

Next winter, when the tree is void of foliage, you can clean up around the base of the tree and also remove any flaking bark that would allow a place for this pest to over-winter. Good luck. I do hope you will be able to harvest some your fruit.

Category: Pests
Answered: 12:32PM, 11 Jan 2012


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