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Bronze orange bugs sprayed by confidor

Will chickens be effected if they eat the bronze orange bugs from the ground after I sprayed the Lemon tree with CONFIDOR?

Submitted: 08:32AM, 20 Dec 2011
Answer: Hi Tracey,

One should always exercise caution when using pesticides around chickens and other animals. It could be that the chickens may be interested in eating the dead bronze orange bugs that have have been sprayed with the Confidor. In the best interests of the chickens, all the dead beetles should be removed and disposed of and care should be taken not to allow the chickens to enter the area where the citrus tree is planted until all the beetles that may still be on the tree have died and have been disposed of.

With regard to using Confidor on your lemon tree, we would mention that Confidor is not registered for use on citrus trees that are carrying flowers and fruit. The label states what fruits and vegetables this product can be used on and clearly states that the product should not be used for any purpose, or in any manner, contrary to this label unless authorised.

It is possible to find the nymphs of this beetle on your citrus tree in winter. It is easier to kill them at this stage because of their size. You would normally be using a spray such as PestOil in winter to clean up any scale or other insects on your tree and at the same time you will be able to contact these nymph beetles with the PestOil at the same time.

Answered: 10:35AM, 20 Dec 2011


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