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08:28PM, 04 Nov 2009
Answer: Hi Dorina, You have done the correct thing by r...
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08:28PM, 04 Nov 2009
If I rip out my lillypilly that has psyllids and sooty mould how long until I can replant in the same spot?

Submitted: 12:03AM, 17 Jun 2015
Answer: You don’t really need to wait to replant the area as these are not systemic problems. If you are going to replant with another Lilly Pilly I would choose a variety that is resistant to psyllids so that you don’t get the same problem again. If you do find that your trees are getting infected again you can treat them is Confidor Tablets which are effective in controlling psyllids.
The sooty mould will only come back if you get another infection with a sap sucker as the sooty mould grows in response to honeydew produced by sap sucking insects.
As psyllids are specific to species if you plant another species you should not have a problem with them again, unless they are a susceptible species.
Answered: 10:36AM, 19 Jun 2015


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