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Medium_dscn2883 could you please help my lawn is going yellow

i have layed sir walter lawn about 6 months ago and it is going yellow not shore if you can pick it up in the photo also i have a golden penda tree dircetly hope you can help ..regards paul

Submitted: 07:55PM, 13 Jun 2017
Answer: Hi Paul,

Thank you for contacting Yates about your lawn.

Sometimes when the weather changes buffalo grass will slow down and even go a bit yellow.

Just use a little bit of a liquid tonic to keep it healthy. We have a product called yates dynamic lifter liquid food which could help here.

I hope this helps

Kind Regards

Leisa- Horticulturist

Category: Lawns
Tags: lawns
Answered: 08:35AM, 14 Jun 2017


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