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Medium_photo Empire Zoysia lawn under attack

Empire Zoysia lawn ~six months old. Successfully established, lush and green with long leaf blades.

Since December it has browned off severely, and stopped growing completely in some places. I am very concerned as we had six inches of rain ten days ago and not even that led to a revitalisation or green shooting.

There is sooty black residue down near the roots.
Some areas of green blades have a white powdery substance on the leaves.

What do you recommend for treatment?

Submitted: 03:21PM, 11 Feb 2015
Answer: From you description of a sooty black residue and a white powdery substance on the grass blades it sounds like you have a fungal infection. This is a common at this time of year and it is spread by foot traffic. Without a proper diagnosis it is hard to suggest a product. Yates Zaleton is a systemic fungicide which can be used to control fungal diseases in lawns.

Yates Baythroid Lawn & Garden Insecticide are used to control insect problems and from the description are unlikely to be the problem.

Category: Lawns
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Answered: 11:29AM, 13 Mar 2015


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