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Medium_photo Empire Zoysia lawn under attack

Empire Zoysia lawn ~six months old. Successfully established, lush and green with long leaf blades.
Since December it has browned off severely, and stopped growing completely in some places. I am very concerned as we had six inches of rain ten days ago and not even that led to a revitalisation or green shooting.

There is sooty black residue down near the roots.
Some areas of green blades have a white powdery substance on the leaves.

Do you recommend Confidor treatment or Complete Lawn? For Confidor concentrate the directions are 50ml/15m2, but how many ml per litre of water in the garden sprayer? Does complete lawn come in a concentrate you can mix yourself? What is the best time of day to apply?

Submitted: 03:21PM, 11 Feb 2015
Answer: From you description of a sooty black residue and a white powdery substance on the grass blades it sounds like you have a fungal infection. This is a common at this time of year and it is spread by foot traffic. Without a proper diagnosis it is hard to suggest a product. Yates Zaleton is a systemic fungicide which can be used to control fungal diseases in lawns.

Confidor and Complete Lawn are used to control insect problems and from the description are unlikely to be the problem. To apply the Confidor measure your area so you know how much product you need. In this case water only carries the product so if you have 15m^2 of lawn an you add 50ml to a 9L watering can you need to spread that 9L over the area. If you had but the 50ml into a 20L container you need to apply the 20L over the 15m^2 area.

We only make Complete Lawn Insect control in a hose on pack. It is best to spray in the late afternoon and when the insect is present.

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Answered: 11:29AM, 13 Mar 2015


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