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What is the best soil mixture to place in a 200L herb planter box? Ratios of soil: organic matter: compost?

I was a bit overwhelmed with the potting and soil mix options from the local warehouse store and am trying to determine the best soil mixture for my herbs. My greatest concern is the soil becoming hydrophobic over time.

Submitted: 02:28PM, 21 Apr 2014
Answer: Hi Ryan,
You can use potting mix to fill your herb planter box. Yates produced a good quality potting mix in a 25 litre bag that would be suitable e.g. Gro Plus Multi Purpose Potting Mix. It contains Dynamic Lifter, which releases nutrients slowly and improves the structure and moisture retention of the soil. Alternatively you can purchase an organic garden mix from a supplier of garden soil. Bags of potting mix are certainly easier to handle compared to having to handle a delivery of soil.

Over time you will have to improve the soil, but this can be done by adding more organic matter such as cow manure and compost. Ensure that there are plenty of drainage holes in the bottom of the trough so the water is able to freely drain away. Keep your herbs well fertilised with a liquid or soluble fertiliser. The Thrive All Purpose Liquid Fertiliser will keep your herbs growing strongly. Apply on a weekly basis.

Answered: 02:46PM, 12 May 2014


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