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my jap pumpkin vine looks great but the pumpkins are tiny and fall off or die.

The vine is healthy and is growing with a butternut pumpkin along side. The butternut only has two or three pumpkins growing and the jap has at least twenty but they come to nothing. Whats going on?

Submitted: 08:51PM, 09 Mar 2010
Answer: Hi Patricia, Hi Jan, the small pumpkins you saw were actually the female flower ovaries, waiting to be fertilised to then grow into a pumpkin. If not pollinated they will wither and drop. If you have seen no bees then this is probably the cause of no pollination. The male flowers dont have the small 4cm ‘pumpkin’ so you gather pollen from these with a small paintbrush and transfer to the female flowers. best done about 9 in the morning when the female flowers are most receptive.
Category: Vegetables & Herbs
Tags: pumpkin
Answered: 12:34PM, 17 Mar 2010


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