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Can you help me catch a sly, well fed rat who is eating my tomatoes. Traps haven't been successful

This sly fellow is demolishing the vegie patch and has munched thru about 15 huge tomatoes, corn and anything else he fancies.

Submitted: 01:00PM, 12 Dec 2011
Answer: Hi Helen

I can imagine how frustrated you must feel in making the effort to grow your own food and then having a ‘pesty rodent’ enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Rats can be difficult to control in the garden as traps are not always successful and a bait such as Ratsak is not able to be placed in the open in order to avoid consumption of the product by domestic pets or native animals.

I can only suggest you use a strong netting over your vegetables to stop the rats from getting to the produce. You might also like to look in your hardware store for a lockable bait station for rats. Good luck.

Answered: 10:17AM, 14 Dec 2011


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