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10:33AM, 16 Jul 2012
Answer: Hi Frances, The high worm population in your ga...
Category: Pests
10:33AM, 16 Jul 2012
I'd like to put garden beds 10ft from my septic tank on the opposite side of the leech field.Is this Ok?

Only place i have in my yard to put it.

Submitted: 01:54AM, 25 Oct 2015
Answer: Hi Mitchell,

I think this is a tricky one to answer without having site of the location. Are you permitted to have structures nearby? I would guess that it’s fine, as you won’t be growing anything with long tap roots that could get into conflict with the tank.

I also assume the leech field is safe in terms of what comes into it.

Kind regards

Category: Vegetables & Herbs
Tags: raised bed
Answered: 05:35PM, 25 Oct 2015


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