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07:18PM, 30 Oct 2009
Answer: Hi Anne, not sure if you refer to drains or fou...
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07:18PM, 30 Oct 2009
Do Crepe Myrtles have invasive roots?

I have been given a Crepe Myrtle. Where I thought I would plant it will be positioned over a storm water drain from a down pipe that goes through the garden to the street.

Submitted: 11:49AM, 07 Dec 2012
Answer: Hi June,

Crepe Myrtle is a large tree growing as tall as 6-8 metres high. There is no way of knowing how deep that storm water drain is and what it is made out of. Crepe Myrtle trees may not be invasive, but they will still have a rather extensive root system. It might be best to find a spot in your garden where there are no drains in the way.

Answered: 12:52PM, 11 Dec 2012


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