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Why would my salvias and osteospermums die off one section at a time until the whole plant dies.

This happened during spring last year. It was a very dry time here but I was watering the plants regularly. Giving them a good deep water. I have been growing salvias for years and never had this problem. The osteospermums were the new varieties. At first I thought I was giving them too much water so I bought new ones and gave less water but the same thing happened. I lost so many plants it was disappointing and expensive. What could the problem have been and how do I stop it happening this year so I can replace the plants successfully?

Submitted: 04:26PM, 06 Jul 2012
Answer: Hi Debbie,
Salvias and osteospernums are generally quite tough plants able to withstand drier conditions once they are well established. When they are first planted I suggest you apply a seaweed solutions such as Yates Uplift Root Booster to help the plants overcome transplant shock. Keep the mulch away from the stem and ensure the soil drains well.

If the ground remains quite soggy after rain or watering root diseases such as Pythium or phytophthora may develop. If this occurs then sometimes a section of the plant may die. Apply some Yates Anti Rot to the foliage of the plant and this will be translocated throughout the plant including the roots.
A moisture meter which is available from hardware stores and nurseries may also be worth purchasing to help monitor the soil moisture. They are reasonably inexpensive.

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Answered: 01:52PM, 09 Jul 2012


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