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watering flowers/roses

how many times should i water them during the autumn/winter? do i need to give them liquid fertiliser during those months? thanx

Submitted: 06:08PM, 14 May 2012
Answer: Hi Lyn,

To know when and how ofter to water can be tricky at times. During winter, plants are not actively growing so they will not need as much moisture as they would during the hotter months of the year. Of course watering will depend upon how much rainfall we experience during the winter months. It is always best to check the moisture level that is in the soil before watering. If you have mulch on your garden beds, this will also help to maintain moisture in the soil.

As with water, fertiliser requirements are less during the winter months. You can certainly fertilise your plants with a slow release fertiliser or liquid fertiliser now that it is still autumn and the soils are still warm. These nutrients will generally see them through until spring when your plants will begin to put on new growth. This is when they will need to be fertilised again.

You can certainly use a soluble or liquid fertiliser on your annuals and bulbs as they will need these nutrients to keep them flowering strongly.

After you prune your roses in July. Lime Sulfur can be applied to the bare stems. This will form a protective film to prevent entry of fungus into the plant. A fertiliser such as Dynamic Lifter for Roses can then be applied in late winter/early spring.

Answered: 11:10AM, 15 May 2012


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