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white fluffy fungus on top of potting soil. Not on plants. is this harmful? what action should I take?

Potting soil in long narrow planters in Melbourne where we have had humid, wet conditions for days. About 1 hour day direct sunlight on balcony . Healthy Florida gardenias. Seems to be worse since I added nursery fertiliser to potting mix. I did not water the fertiliser in much as soil was already a little above optimum wetness and rain was forecast

Submitted: 08:51PM, 09 Nov 2011
Answer: Hi Jacqueline,
If the potting mix is very damp you may find that fungal mycellium will grow on the top. This is not harmful to the plants. It is important to ensure the soil is free draining and that adequate drainage holes are present.
Unfortunately only 1 hour of sunlight is not much so monitoring the watering as you have been doing will help stop root rot developing.
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Answered: 11:39AM, 14 Nov 2011


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