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Medium_hedges Prune Hedges

Hi there,

It's 2nd month of spring in Sydney. When is the best time to trim/prune my hedges? How many times in a year do I trim them?

I have Murraya paniculata, Buxus japonica and Nanadina.


Submitted: 07:53AM, 02 Nov 2011
Answer: Dear Penny,

Your hedges look like they are well established and growing strongly. You have obviously pruned them on a regular basis while they have been growing to achieve such a uniform shape.

The Murraya will flower in spring and then at intermittent times thereafter. If your Murraya is presently flowering wait until it finishes flowering and then prune to shape.

If you haven’t pruned your Buxus yet, give it a prune now. It will put on new growth during the coming months.

Your Nandina is probably Nandina nana, so a light prune now will keep it in shape.

All of your hedges will need to be fertilised at this time of year to keep them healthy and growing strongly. You can either apply a slow release fertiliser such as Acticote for Fruit, Citrus, Trees & Shrubs or Dynamic Lifter Advanced for Roses.

Answered: 11:50AM, 03 Nov 2011


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