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How is the best way to grow Gerberas?

In the garden such as position, watering, type of fertaliser & generaal maintainance. Thankyou for your time.

Submitted: 03:10PM, 10 Dec 2009
Answer: Gerberas thrive in hot, sunny conditions in tropical and subtropical parts of Australia but will also do well in temperate zones if they are grown in a warm spot sheltered from strong winds. They prefer composted,free draining soils. Open soils assist in preventing the dreaded crown rot so if you intend to plant gerberas into a heavier soil ensure it is improved with plenty of organic matter and position the crowns well above the surface. An application of slow release food such as Acticote (Fruit, Citrus, Trees and Shrubs)in spring and a fortnightly application of a soluble, high potassium fertiliser (Aquasol or Thrive Flower and Fruit) when flower buds emerge is beneficial. To encourage more flowers remove spent blooms regularly.Gerberas should be watered well during the warmer months. Be careful not to wash soil into the centre of the crown as this can promote rot. Plants can be grown in the same position for two or three years, then lifted, divided and replanted. This is best done in early autumn before the cold weather sets in.
Answered: 03:34PM, 16 Dec 2009


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