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01:45PM, 30 Oct 2009
Answer: Dear Riley, I am sure that you are keeping your...
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01:45PM, 30 Oct 2009
plants for a north-facing, exposed, 4th-floor and windy balcony? X

as above, a tough spot so I need something hardy to withstand the conditions... Any rec's?

Submitted: 05:14PM, 08 Sep 2016
Answer: Hello Hannah,

Balconies are indeed tough spots to grow at times. Think of your balcony environment as a desert-like microclimate: with expected extremes of temperature, sun, dryness and not a lot of protection from any of these.

With that in mind, many compact native xerophytic plants will do quite well. Also consider compact, strappy-leaved plants which can survive the wind and may also give consistent foliage colour throughout the year. The more vegetation you have in the area, the more of a suitable microclimate you will begin to generate for a wider variety of plants.

Also consider compact, non-fragile cacti (such as barrel cactus varieties) and other similar shaped succulents for visual interest and low maintenance.

There are several directions you could go with your balcony garden design. Also consider vertical and overhead space too, where possible. Yates Waterwise Water Storage Crystals and DroughtShield spray can do wonders in helping your plants survive the extreme conditions of the balcony garden.

Don’t forget the Yates team are here to help: seven days a week via the LiveChat feature on our website and via our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Kind regards,

Yates Consumer Advice Horticulturalist

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Answered: 09:43PM, 08 Sep 2016


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