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07:18PM, 30 Oct 2009
Answer: Hi Anne, not sure if you refer to drains or fou...
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07:18PM, 30 Oct 2009
I have a Melaleuca Violacea which has been invaded by cooche grass. I would like to transplant it and pull the grass out in the process, will it kill the plant if I disturb the roots? and how is the best way to move it?

Submitted: 02:04PM, 06 Nov 2009
Answer: Hi Laura,
Native plants never transplant well. They usually die shortly after transplanting. I would take some cuttings of the Melaleuca before you take it out. They will strike very readily at this time of year.

You should remove the couch that is invading your garden. It is a running grass and will continue to spread throughout your garden. Zero Glyphosate is the product to use on the couch in your garden beds. Be careful when using the Glyphosate that it only touches the weed and not the plants as it kills every leaf that it comes in contact with.

Answered: 02:40PM, 18 Nov 2009


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