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06:13PM, 22 Oct 2009
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06:13PM, 22 Oct 2009
Medium_naked_lemon_tree I have a Eureka lemon tree that is losing all its leaves. Is my tree dying?

I bought my Eureka lemon tree in Summer and he initially seemed to be doing well - green leaves and very bushy. Now we're nearing the end of Winter and he looks so sad. His leaves are nearly all gone. The leaves that are left were yellow but I've recently moved him to a sunnier spot and the leaves are turning green again. We've been hit by some severe wind and rain and I wonder if I shouldn't have left him exposed to the elements. I wonder if my lemon tree will get better and what I can do to help him.

Submitted: 10:53AM, 03 Aug 2011
Answer: Dear Sarah,

I am sorry to see that your lemon tree is doing so poorly. There is no reason why your lemon tree shouldn’t do well.
Firstly, citrus trees need to be planted in a full sun, protected from cold winds position. They need a well drained position and need regular feeding during the spring/summer months.(Dynamic Lifter for Fruit & Citrus). From what you have said, your tree appeared to do well during the warmer months. Look at the position it is planted in and if necessary, move it to a more suitable spot.

It has been a particularly cold and wet winter this year and perhaps this may be the reason why it leaves have turned yellow and stated to fall off. Check the potting mix you have planted it in and make sure the drainage holes in the bottom of the tub are not blocked. If the roots are too wet and waterlogged, there will be a lack of oxygen available to the root system and the plant will consequently suffer. I am sure if you relocate the pot to a full sun postion, check that the potting mix is well drained, you will notice it will start to pick up as the warm weather approaches. I have attached a link which may be helpful for you.
Answered: 11:09AM, 04 Aug 2011


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