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08:02PM, 21 Oct 2009
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Hi I am new to Australia .For the past two years I have been unsucessful in growing tomatoes.They begin to grow well for first couple of weeks and then they turn brown and die off.I have tried growing them in different place in my vegi patch but to no ava

I have tried different varities

Submitted: 10:01AM, 07 Jan 2010
Answer: Hi Robert,there are many conditions which can affect young tomato plants and without a great deal more information i cannot identify your exact problem. generally the healthier your soil is the fewer problems you will have but there are many fungal and bacterial conditions which can overwinter in soil, so it it imperitive to rotate your beds and not replant tomatoes for at least 3-4 years. Correct soil pH and feeding with a complete liquid feed every 1-2 weeks in conjunction with addition of composts and rotted manures and dynamic lifter when preparing the soil will give the plants the best start, and Yates tomato dust contains copper and sulfer to help prevent diseases while controlling caterpillars with a safe bacteria. Regular watering is important too. The Qld dept of Primary Industries has a book available called “tomato pests and disorders”(see their website)with photos to help pinpoint your problems, and I highly recommend you buy a copy to help identify what you need to do. In the meantime try growing in pots 30cm or larger with a good potting mix and see how you go. Tomatoes need lots of feeding so also add Dynamic Lifter for tomatoes and use a soluble fertiliser like Aquasol every week or two – vital when growing in pots.
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Answered: 10:18AM, 18 Jan 2010


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