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I purchased a new apricot tree this year. When I planted it the ground was extremely wet. It has not produced any leaves as yet. The wood seems to be still alive. Is there anything I can do or is it dead?

Submitted: 11:11AM, 01 Dec 2009
Answer: Dear Debbie,
Really by now, seeing it is the beginning of summer, your apricot tree should certainly have leaves on it and putting on new growth. The fact that it was so wet when you planted the tree, could be the reason why your tree has not done too well. You could persevere and leave it in the ground to see how if it recovers. Summer time is certainly not the time to be lifting a apricot tree. This deciduous tree is usually lifted in the cooler months when it is in its deciduous stage. All you can do is to keep an eye on it. You will know if it has not survived because branches will begin to die back and there will be no sign of life left in the tree.
Good luck
Answered: 03:18PM, 08 Dec 2009


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