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Medium_img_3025 What can I treat black spot on paw paw with? It is on the fruit & the leaves. Prefer short withholding period

I looked at this product but paw paw is not listed in the use guide, and under tropical fruit trees it says to spray stems only to treat some bug but not black spot:

Unfortunately I can only upload 1 photo. The paw paw in the photo was grown at Silkwood. My young paw paw trees were from seeds of one of the Silkwood paw paws, and have spots on the leaves. I took photos of the top & underside of the leaves but cannot upload 3 photos. I am at Mackay. I have been fertilising the paw paw plants regularly and giving them adequate water.
I would prefer a solution that is as close to organic as possible & with a short withholding period, preferably only 24 hours

Submitted: 03:39PM, 06 Oct 2017
Answer: Hi Anne,

Thank you for contacting Yates.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a product in our range that is registered to target black spot on paw paw trees.

The best advice that we can provide is to try and limit the water that the tree receives. If they are getting too much the spots can appear more readily. Try to limit the moisture in the soil to a lightly moist level but don’t allow it to dry out completely. This can assist with preventing the black spot from returning.

If you are pruning your tree, ensure that you sterilize your pruning equipment after each cut with 70% methylated spirits and 30% water.

Kind regards

Yates Horticulturalist

Answered: 12:51PM, 07 Oct 2017


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