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Newly planted mango needs moving

7 or 8 weeks ago I planted a dwarf mango tree, about 1m tall. It has done well, has about 25cm of new growth already.
Unfortunately I have had to rework the garden layout so it looks like I'll have to move it. I don't want to prune it. It came in a square pot about 25cm tall, 15cm across. The dirt surrounding it was all brought in for the planting so it's quite soft.
We're about to hit the worst of summer but I have to do it this weekend (or not at all). Do you think I can safely move this tree? How wide do you think that root ball would be now?

Submitted: 11:40PM, 04 Dec 2016
Answer: Hi Shannon,

If you have no other option to move the tree now, then the best way to do this is to firstly make sure that the soil is well prepared prior to planting, and secondly, try to limit the stress that the tree will receiving during the move.

To prepare the soil, mix in some Dynamic Lifter Organic into a well turned soil and add some extra compost to the mix.

Before digging the tree out of its position remove any of the flowers and fruit from the tree. Dig a hole around the drip line of the tree and make it nice and deep to get as much as the root system as possible.

Transplant the tree into its new position as soon as possible ensuring that the roots don’t dry out and water in well with half strength Thrive Citrus & Fruit Natural to help with the transplant shock and apply this weekly to ease it into its new position.

Hopefully, this will give the mango tree the best chance to cope with the move.

Good luck!

Kind regards

Yates Horticulturalist

Answered: 04:05PM, 05 Dec 2016


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