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Medium_kamquat_tree 1.Yellow leaves on kamquat tree 2.When to move it into a pot

1. The leaves on my kamquat tree become yellow and dry. How I can treat it?
2.I want to move it into a pot, but I don't know when is the best time to do it? (I mean Autum,Winter or Spring?), and how big is the pot I should use?
Very much appreciate your advices.

Submitted: 03:31PM, 10 Mar 2015
Answer: Your kumquat tree looks to be suffering from an iron deficiency, this causes leaves to yellow while the veins stay darker green. One of the best ways to treat this is with a foliar spray of Yates Leaf Greener Iron Chelate.
It would be best to avoid moving the tree if you can, but if it is unavoidable, its best to move it in winter, for a tree this size your will need quite a large pot. As a very ruff guide as to the size of the pot, it should be a little smaller than the diameter of the leaves. This will ensure it can fit most of the root ball.
Answered: 12:15PM, 25 Mar 2015


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