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I have potted tomato plants that are yellowing due to lack of nutrients. Can I use aquasol weekly ?

Submitted: 01:42PM, 10 Oct 2013
Answer: Hi Jane,

There is really no need to use the Aquasol on a weekly basis. If you dilute the 2 heaped spoonfuls in 9 litres of water, this will contain enough of the necessary nutrients your tomatoes will need to produce an abundance of flowers and fruit. Some fertilisers may say apply every week. but it is likely that the dilution rate in those fertilisers is weaker than what we suggest on the box of Aquasol. Continue to apply the Aquasol throughout the growing season. I am sure you will soon be picking some ripe delicious tomatoes. Happy gardening.

Answered: 03:55PM, 15 Oct 2013


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