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Medium_img_20180307_071552-1512x2016_small 6 mth old passionfruit growing well but leaves at base turning bright yellow. Have fed it blood & bone. Thanks

Perhaps some aged chook manure as well? Thankyou.

Submitted: 07:42AM, 07 Mar 2018
Answer: Hello,

Your passionfruit vine is growing so well in this tiny pot but it really needs to be transplanted into the ground or a much larger pot. Please dont delay because you will have even more difficulty unravelling the stems later, unless you intend to prune.

With regard to yellowing leaves – there are only a few and if they bother you, remove them.I suspect the yellowing may be related to the blood and bone application. Generally you would add this nutrient to the soil or a much larger pot.

Once the vine is repotted or replanted into the soil(best option) you may wish to incorporate Yates Thrive Natural Citrus and Fruit Pelletised Plant Food to encourage new growth as well as flower and fruit production.

Hope you get to enjoy some awesome passionfruit soon.

Kind regards, Kay.
Yates Horticulturalist

Answered: 12:35PM, 07 Mar 2018


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