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We had a small daphne growing in a circular cement pot 40 cm wide sloping down 30 cm to 20 cm wide. It had , we believe, white mites and sooty mould which we sprayed over several months with Pestoil. The daphne has died and we removed it several weeks ago

Sorry, answered in full on previous computer page - summary question is:-

Can soil in lower half of a circular 40wx30dx20cm pot from which a sooty mould/mealy bug infested dead daphne bush has been removed, be retained and impatiens, later white ball hydrangea, be planted with new soil in top half of pot?

Submitted: 02:08PM, 16 Apr 2010
Answer: Hi John it is always wise to replace old potting mix when replanting. Old mix can rot down into a heavy sludge and become poorly drained. The mealy bug or scale you had is probably not present in this soil but it should still be fully replaced.
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Answered: 12:53PM, 19 Apr 2010


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