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01:45PM, 30 Oct 2009
Answer: Dear Riley, I am sure that you are keeping your...
Category: Vegetables & Herbs
01:45PM, 30 Oct 2009
I have a succulent named Propellor plant(crassula falcarta) which I have successfully grown in a small pot in my kitchen window.It has developed brown areas, on the trunk, which are unsightly.

The plant is now over 3 feet tall and I intend to plant it out in the garden. I have grown 2 new plants from cuttings in case I lose it.The brown marks are about 10mm to 45mm and at the base of the plant there is an area about 60mm. Apart from the marks the plant seems healthy and is still growing well. Can you please advise me on what can be wrong and treatment.

Submitted: 02:17PM, 07 Apr 2010
Answer: Hi Marion, hard to say without seeing, but if the lesions are soft then it is a rot of some sort. It could also be from bruising. Good idea to take some cuttings in case it spreads. There is no treatment but avoid over-watering.
Category: Diseases
Tags: succulent
Answered: 01:24PM, 16 Apr 2010


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