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My daughter's jasmine plant is loosing it's leaves(even the new shoots are falling out).

The plant is not flowering either.It's in a pot on a a balcony.It only gets afternoon sun.


Submitted: 09:14AM, 23 Sep 2012
Answer: Hi Esther,

Check the pot to see if the water is draining away freely and that the hole at the bottom of the pot is not blocked. It is best not to have a saucer under the pot – if water is always sitting in the saucer then the soil becomes waterlogged and the jasmine will suffer.

Check the soil moisture – dig down about 4 cms to check the moisture prior to watering. After watering check the soil to see how much moisture is retained.

If the plant has not been repotted for some years then change the potting mix. If there are any beetle larvae (curl grubs) in the soil remove them are they will feed on the root system.

Fertilise with Thrive Flower and Fruit every spring, summer and autumn to help promote flowering.

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Answered: 09:28AM, 25 Sep 2012


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