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Hello. Something is attacking my tomatoes.I have sprayed and dusted over several weeks but the leafs are still curled and now the new growth leaves are turning purple??????.
Any idears please

Submitted: 05:37PM, 15 Dec 2011
Answer: Hi Michael,
Sometimes leaf roll can be caused by a combination of factors including a high nitrogen supply, high temperatures and virus infection.

There are also nutrient deficiencies that also can change the colour and size of the leaves Calcium, magnesium, Manganese and Phosphorus and these can be rectified by using a complete tomato fertiliser.

Herbicides such as Glyphosate and broad leaf weed herbicides used on the lawn, can also damage the tomatoes and will affect the leaf growth.

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Tags: Tomato
Answered: 09:21AM, 20 Dec 2011


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