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can i dig up bulbs to store after they have flowered but still have green leaves?

I have many 'clumps' of mainly jonquils in various parts of the garden - I want to dig them up to store before re-locating next year - I'd like to dig them up now while the ground is soft but wonder if its ok to do this while the leaves are still green?

Submitted: 11:51AM, 06 Oct 2013
Answer: Bulbs are not at their prettiest when they begin to die down; the droopy, yellowing foliage can look little unsightly.
But…. if you cut off the leaves before they have died down naturally, the bulb will not have the reserves to grow and flower the following season. These reserves need food so we recommend applying a soluble fertiliser such as Aquasol until total die-off. (This may take about two months.)

Answered: 03:51PM, 10 Oct 2013


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