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Hyacinth Bulbs after flowering


My Hyacinth flowered very early this year. I have removed the flowers as they have died. I am just waiting for the leaves to die/dried before removing the leaves.

The bulbs are currently planted in the garden bed however I am thinking of planting them in pots next year. Due to recent windy condition in Sydney, I think its best to plant them indoor.

What should I do from now till next year? Should I dig up all the bulbs and storage them in a dried place? How do I storage the bulbs properly?

Please kindly advise


Submitted: 07:38AM, 27 Aug 2012
Answer: Hi Penny,
Wait until the hyacinth leaves have turned yellow before removing the bulbs from the soil. The bulbs can be stored in a open weave bag such as an onion bag in a cool dark place.
Place the bulbs in the refrigerator crisper for up to 6 weeks before planting. Plant the bulbs in Autumn (April or early May) 15 cm deep and 15 cm apart.
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Answered: 02:33PM, 27 Aug 2012


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