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Only leaves on Hibiscus, but no stalks.

I have a hibiscus which I was successfully able to get to rebloom last year. This year, the leave never seemed to die other than one or two. So, I cut them back about two weeks ago and now three new leave are growing, but no stems. I keep it indoors all year and follow the watering/feeding schedule as followed. But unlike last year, the leave did not die? Any advice for me?

Submitted: 03:28AM, 17 Jan 2012
Answer: Hi Frank,

We would suggest that you grow your hibiscus in a sunny spot in your garden. You can still grow it in a pot but the plant would respond well to a spot where it receives plenty of sunshine. It really isn’t an indoor plant and I am sure you will find it will grow much happily outdoors.

This is the time that hibiscus are growing strongly and flowering profusely. Try an avoid pruning at this time of year. As this is a tropical plant, the best time to prune is when the cold months have passed and the warm weather is on its way. At the end of August is an ideal time to prune your hibiscus.

I do hope your plant’s health will improve.

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Answered: 11:59AM, 17 Jan 2012


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