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05:59PM, 16 Nov 2009
Answer: Hi Sigrid, when some soils and potting mixes ge...
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05:59PM, 16 Nov 2009
How long can I keep bulbs without planting them in the soil? Are bulbs generally annuals or perennials?

Submitted: 07:43AM, 11 Jun 2010
Answer: Dear Jack,

Some types of bulbs can be lifted after flowering and replanted the following years and other bulbs can simply be left in the ground and will flower the following year.

Daffodils,Jonquils, Freesias Crocus,& Bluebells are some bulbs that can be left in the ground without lifting and will flower again the following year.

Ranuncuus and Anemones can be lifted and stored, but best results are achieved from planting fresh corms each year.

Tulips and Hyacinths need chilling before planting so put them in the bottom part of the refrigerator before planting out. After the flowers and foliage has died down, you can lift the bulbs and store them in a cool placd for replanting the next season.

Answered: 10:35AM, 17 Jun 2010


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