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Did not know they survive on neglect so was pumping in water to make grow faster as they were going to be my hedge one looks very poorly will it come back if stop watering or is anything can do to save as quite well established so hate to lose if any thing can be done THANK YOU

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Hello Sadie,

While it is difficult to predict without seeing the plant itself, I would suggest that it will be a case of wait-and-see, if it is water-related. Do your best to avoid the soil drying out completely as this will likely stress the plant even more. You should, however, consider all possible causes of plant death. If it is over watering as you suspect, could drainage also be poor on the site where they are planted? Are there larger shrubs or trees competing for sun and/or nutrient in the immediate area (or further away in the case of larger, more established trees)? It is possible that diseases in the soil might be to blame, or even insect attack. There have been reports of a type of moth caterpillar targeting the Silver Streak Woolly Bush (Adenanthos sericeus) in Western Australia and South Australia. These caterpillars were reported to congregate near the base of branches, apparently 'ring barking' the branches on which they were found. Should you find it is an infestation of caterpillars that are listed on the label of our product; Yates Mavrik, for ornamentals(such as native budworm or corn earworm), you could apply this product according to label instructions to your surviving plants and this should give you the best chance of overcoming the pest problem. Wishing you the very best in saving your surviving Silver Streak Woolly Bushes! Kind regards, Matt Yates Consumer Advice Horticulturalist



Answered: 14 Dec, 2015

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